Mobilization with Green Energy

Do you know the new method of planting trees?


Actually, this is not the real tree planting. But using this method, we can get achieve one thing that expect by planting a tree. What is that method?

Buy an electric scooter from Randeepa. Suppose you use a petrol scooter and travel 12,000 km per year for thousands of kilometers per month. If you drive forty kilometers per liter you will need 300 liters of petrol for this. When that 300 liters of petrol is burned, 690 kg of carbon dioxide is released into the environment. One young plant absorbs 5.9 kg of carbon dioxide in a year. Then by saving 300 liters of this petrol, you are doing a service to the environment like cultivating more than a hundred plants. Not only that, you spend more than Rs. 40,000 for 300 petrol but when using this scooter the electricity consumption is only around Rs. 4,000.

Also, if we use a petrol bike, how many liters of engine oil would we release into the environment during this time and how much damage would it cause? Pollution does not add to the environment in the same way as using an electric scooter. Join the new system today to benefit your pocket, help the country's economy and protect the environment, buy Randeepa electric vehicles,

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